Leaked benchmark scores show Intel Core i7-13700T 35W Raptor Lake CPU equals i5-12600K

Intel’s first low-power model of the 13th generation Core has finally arrived (Core i7-13700T), and we have the statistics. The new model looks promising and we are excited to share the news with you. The low-power SKU has a base clock of 1.4GHz, which isn’t much, but it offers a boost clock of 4.788GHz.

T-series doesn’t excite gamers, but low-power systems are enough for a standard TDP of 35W. These processors are suitable for small form factor designs, embedded solutions and other devices that may require multiple cores, but compatible cooling solutions are not a given.

The CPU’s score range is 1893-1939 on the Geekbench V5 single-core test and 8925-11564 in multi-core. This puts i7-13700T higher than 8-core Ryzen 7 5800X based on Zen3 architecture. While the maximum range for Raptor Lake CPU is unknown, even if we consider it 99W, it is much lower than the 105W (142W PPT). Compared to official i5-12600K data, i7-13700T finishes faster in single-core and almost as fast in multi-core.

Intel Raptor Lake’s initial launch will certainly only include the K-series, but these leaks confirm that the T-series is also on the map and under testing. The exact launch date is still unknown, so until then we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Via Geekbench

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