Leaked NVIDIA RTX 4090 cooler with 13 heatpipes

The upcoming NVIDIA RTX 4090 graphics card is sure to get hot if not properly cooled. With a typical graphics power (TGP) of 450 W and a power limit of 600 W, you need some serious cooling. I wouldn’t expect to see 2-slot RTX 4090 cards, almost all the leaks we’ve seen so far show at least 3-slot if not 4-slot cooling designs.

New leaked photos of what would reportedly be the cooling solution for an RTX 4090 (or RTX 4080) have been posted online. This cooling solution features thirteen 6mm thick copper heatpipes! Now these copper heatpipes don’t make direct contact with the GPU, but with a copper vapor chamber that serves as the base plate for the GPU and probably memory chips around it.

The cooling solution also has two large heat sinks.

Through wxnod (Twitter)

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