Leakers convinced Eminem is coming to Fortnite after rapper Icon Radio takes over

Fortnite’s Icon Radio has turned into an extremely lengthy Eminem marathon and now leakers are speculating that the legendary rapper may be making his in-game debut.

Ariana Grande, Travis Scott and Anderson. Paak are just a few artists who have received their own skins in Fortnite, and it looks like “Slim Shady” himself could join them, according to some notable Fortnite goodies.

While it’s far from confirmed that the ‘Lose Yourself’ rapper is making his way onto the battle bus, it’s certainly no coincidence that his music has taken over in a big way.

Eminem invades Fortnite’s Icon Radio stations with a major music marathon

Fortnite Ariana Grande Concert

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Rapper Eminem could be the next celebrity skin after the likes of Ariana Grande and Travis Scott.

This bizarre takeover was first spotted by Fortnite Leaker In the shadow who flagged it and passed it on to Hypex.

The latter was the first person to raise the question whether this meant an incoming Em appearance in the game.

“Eminem is the ONLY artist currently playing on Fortnite’s ICONs radio. Possible cooperation?” they asked.

Shortly afterwards another remarkable info-dropper iFireMonkey noted that the radio plays “The Fire Marshall’s” music for 53 minutes, but no skin has yet been spotted in the game’s files.

“As a reminder, there are currently 0 skins encoded, so it could be something smaller, like an emote or a music pack.”

These things are all a possibility, and since Eminem has amassed a controversial name that spans his career, Epic Games might just test the waters to see how interested the Fortnite public would be in such a big event.

Regardless of what form the Detroit native arrives in, his notoriously loyal fans would no doubt pour in to throw their money straight at a potential crossover.

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