Lenovo Announces Xiaoxin Pro 27 All-in-One PC with Intel Arc A370M Graphics

Lenovo’s Xiaoxin Pro 27 is the company’s latest 27-inch PC that comes with the Intel 12th-generation Core CPU and Arc A-series graphics. The company’s published product poster states that the system will be available by the end of this year.

This is a pre-built PC that comes with two display options – you can have it in 23.8 inches or 27 inches. Both options come with a resolution of 2560×1440. The panels come with a low-blue light certification and are 100 Hz. Out of the box, the AIO PC comes with a 2.5K camera and 5W JBL speakers.

Lenovo advertises the Xiaoxin Pro 27 as an all-purpose PC, although the company also shares its gaming performance. This performance has been shared on three known titles; Counter Strike GO at 2K 110 FPS, World of Tanks at 1080p 142 FPS and League of Legends 2K at 152 FPS. Speaking of performance, Lenovo has also confirmed that their Arc-based PRO AIO will be extremely fast in Adobe Premier.

The AIO PC ad came out quite early as it is still days away from the actual launch. Chinese media has released some information about its availability, claiming it will be available this fall.

Via VideoCardz

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