Lewis Hamilton shares his thoughts on the upcoming Apple TV+ Formula 1 documentary

Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton recently went on an interview with MotorSportWeek to discuss his career and a recently acquired Apple TV+ documentary.

Hamilton hopes that the yet-to-be-named documentary will have a positive impact. It is believed the film will feature Hamilton and his team, including both on- and off-track footage and guest interviews. Scott Budnick and Richard Plepler are executive producers alongside Hamilton, One Community, Box to Box Films and Penni Throw as producers.

On March 9, Apple announced that it has acquired the rights to documentaries about Lewis Hamilton and that it will be released exclusively on the Apple TV+ platform.

The Formula 1 driver said the process for the film and production was interesting because they had to find the right actors to play the script and the role. There may be other F1 themed content starring Brad Pitt.

Apple TV+ costs $4.99 per month.

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