Look around the launch of the Apple Maps feature in the Zillow app

Apple’s Look Around feature, previously exclusive only to Apple Maps, has arrived in the iOS Zillow app.

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The real estate company announced today that its iOS app has been given the Look Around treatment, which allows users to take a closer look at the neighborhood around the home they are interested in. Integration with the Zillow app has been made possible with the introduction of MapKit API for iOS16.

Third-party apps can now use MapKit API to provide a 3D map experience. In Zillow’s case, the feature is just rolling out and only a few areas have Look Around. Zillow says the addition will allow potential homebuyers to “get a sense of their home and community.”

The Zillow app has had several Apple features, including Shared With You and SharePlay. Share With You allows users to share Zillow listings via Messages and on Mac and iOS devices.

The Zillow app is free to download from the App Store.

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