L’Oréal’s new ‘Brow Magic’ device uses the iPhone to print eyebrows

Makeup and beauty company L’Oréal has launched a new device that can print eyebrows using a companion iPhone app.


The Brow Magic is the latest device from L’Oréal, which allows you to create personalized eyebrows without having to go to a salon. The technical product is manufactured in collaboration with Prinkler. The handheld device has a resolution of 1,200 dpi through 2,400 nozzles and uses Modiface AR technology.

Users must first download the Brow Magic app and have their faces scanned. The app outlines various printing options, including thickness, shape, and effect. The AR technology can also recommend micro-shading, microblading and filler effects. The user receives a primer and a topcoat to maintain the print.

L’Oreal says that the eyebrow impression can be easily erased with makeup remover. The Brow Magic product is expected to launch to the public this year, but there’s no exact date at this point.

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