‘Lovely Little Farm’ arrives on Apple TV+ June 10

Apple’s streaming platform will receive a new children’s show on June 10.

Lovely little farm

‘Lovely Little Farm’ is an animated and live-action series featuring talking animals via Industrial Light and Magic. The show tells the story of two sisters who raise animals on their family farm, with the cast interacting with both live animals and digital creations.

The computer-generated animals were created by Lucasfilm studio company Industrial Light and Magic, the same ones who worked on “Star Wars” and others. Darrall Macqueen, of ‘Teletubbies’ fame, will serve as producer alongside Dr. Gail Melson, leader of the human-animal interaction, who will work with the crew to make the interactions more accurate.

The official trailer for ‘Lovely Little Farm’ can be viewed on the Apple TV+ YouTube channel. “Lovely Little Farm” launches June 10 for Apple TV+ subscribers for $4.99 per month. The service also offers original content such as ‘Ted Lasso’, ‘Tehran’ and more.

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