LuluLuvely completes the Pringles® Can Hands challenge with incredible Mercy plays

Published: 2023-01-10T19:38:46

Updated: 2023-01-10T19:38:57

To wrap up the Pringles® Can Hands challenge, streamer LuluLuvely showed off some great Overwatch 2 plays.

#Ad Support hero Mercy is getting a lot of flak from the Overwatch community for being seen as “easy to play.” LuluLuvely put that to the test.

After watching streamers from QTCinderella to Scump compete in the PringlesCan Hands challenge, Lulu threw her hat in the ring months after she starred in the first promo for the challenge, bringing it full circle.

While we’ve seen impressive displays from streamers playing games like Fall Guys, Call of Duty, and God of War: Ragnarok, LuluLuvely’s tactics when she took on the challenge of playing Overwatch 2 probably won’t impress everyone.

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Lulu shows that Mercy is the perfect hero for the Pringles Can Hands challenge

LuluLuvely ready for her Overwatch matches, Pringles may already be applied to her hand as she hovers above her mouse.

She’s a known supporting player, but she usually plays a wide variety of heroes, from Ana to Mercy to Moira. But with one of her hands trapped, she stuck with Mercy, a hero who really only needs to track and polish her carrying case, rather than trying to win gunfights.

While some might scoff at this hero with no skills, LuluLuvely showed Mercy has plenty of room for skill expression with some clutch resurgence and speed to polish up her allies in distress.

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Mercy of Overwatch 2Blizzard

Mercy helped Lulu dominate the Pringles Can Hands challenge.

In particular, her precise positioning on Mercy was on display, despite having limited control over her movement thanks to the Pringles can.

While playing with her hand in a can was tough, Lulu admitted it was a fun challenge. And thanks to her own Overwatch 2 prowess and Mercy’s forgiving kit, she didn’t lose too much SR in the process.

Every streamer had moments in their streams to give their chats a chance to win free Pringles, and the giveaways are still live here from now until January 12. Official rules can be found here (no purchase required)!

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