M1 Macs get Adobe After Effects support

Computer software company Adobe has added native support for M1 Macs and recently incorporated its Frame.io into its Creative Cloud platform.

M1 Macs get Adobe

Frame.io is a welcome tool for video producers. The collaboration software enables easier stakeholder distribution, customer edit approval, and remote edits, among other things.

It is now part of Adobe’s productivity suite Creative Cloud. Frame.io was a separate company until Adobe acquired it for $1.275 billion in August last year.

In similar news, After Effects and Premiere Pro have been updated with native M1 support. Adobe says the app can now render compositions and start up two and seven times faster, respectively, than the Intel-based iMac.

Starting Tuesday, Creative Cloud subscribers will be able to log in to Frame.io with their Adobe ID. Updates are ongoing and all users should have the feature by the end of this week. Creative Cloud starts at $19.99 per month.

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