Mac accessories and AirPods will have USB-C in 2024

Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman recently spoke of Apple moving from proprietary Lightning to the more universal USB-C by the year 2024.

Mac Accessories and AirPods

Gurman mentioned in his Power On newsletter how Apple will make the switch as part of beating the directive sent out by the EU. The parliament issued an ultimatum to tech manufacturers and companies like Apple to switch to USB-C or punish them. Apple is set to switch to USB-C for its future iPhone 15 lineup by 2023, which is a year ahead of the EU’s 2024 mandate.

The Bloomberg analyst said the next iPhone SE won’t require charging via USB-C as it will meet the requirements before the end of the year. However, for future iPhone SE models after 2024, Apple will have to make do with USB-C.

It is also rumored that AirPods models and Mac accessories, including the Magic Trackpad, Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse, will have USB-C as new versions hit the market.

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