Malicious Facebook ad app is pulled from App Store

Apple has removed a scam app that led to malicious Facebook ads.

App Store

Business Insider reports that Apple has removed an app that misleads Facebook advertisers and leads to malicious ads within the social media platform. Before the app was taken offline, the app had a high App Store ranking for the keywords ‘Facebook ad manager’.

The app is used by Facebook advertisers to manage their ads and presence on Facebook, but in reality it is believed to be a backdoor that hackers can access. Users report being locked out within 10 minutes of downloading the app and logging in.

Originally, the app was a document manager, but after approval it became a Facebook ad management platform. In July, Facebook warned Apple about the app, but it was only recently that the app was removed from the App Store.

Scam apps remain a concern for Apple and Google, with two percent of the top 1,000 paid apps being scam apps.

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