Marvel Snap players are demanding changes to “bottomless” Collector’s Reserve rewards

Published: 2022-12-27T17:17:50

Updated: 2022-12-27T17:18:06

Marvel Snap players are demanding that the developers change how rewards work for the Collector’s Reserve on the Collection level reward track.

Marvel Snap has taken over the digital card battler genre in 2022 as a mobile game with hundreds of cards from iconic marvel heroes to build decks with.

To build up a collection of cards, you need to increase your collection level by upgrading your card art with boosters and credits. Along the collecting track, there will be goodies such as card art variants, gold, and Collector’s Caches, which have a card or currency such as gold or credits.

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Once you reach level 996, you’ll unlock Collector’s Reserve boxes, which will unlock cards and cosmetic items like avatars and titles. However, not all players believe that the reserve boxes are actually better than the caches.

Marvel Snap players bash Collector Reserve rewards

Winning Marvel Snap players went viral for posting on the game’s subreddit that came out on Reserve Box rewards.

While Collector’s Reserve boxes are harder to get to, they actually have much less impactful rewards in the form of cosmetics. For the most dedicated players, they are all working to unlock cards in series 3 and 4.

Reserve boxes have a 25% chance of unlocking a card, and caches have a higher chance of getting a new card at 50%. It seems that getting alternative cosmetics hurts the chance to continue unlocking cards.

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Players in the comment section largely agreed with the post. One Snap player said, “Getting your way through at this point is just as depressing as money will only get you this crap, only faster. The number of card dropouts is horrendous.”

Another added: “Honestly these boxes are generally just a disappointment if it’s not 400 credits or a new card. Hell getting gold is a disappointment as it only means 150 credits. I care about very specific cosmetics that I should probably save gold on for the store rotation, when I get the full set first.

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They concluded, “I want options to play the game, not boring titles, avatars and pixel variants.”

It’s clear that Marvel Snap players are hoping that developer Second Dinner takes another look at the rewards awarded from the Collector’s Reserve along the Collection Level track.

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