Marvel Snap Season 5: Symbiote Invasion Season Pass Rewards, Miles Morales Map, More

published: 2022-10-06T04:30:43

Updated: 2022-10-06T04:31:04

The Symbiote invasion is now upon us in Marvel Snap Season 5 as Miles Morales joins the fray, new rewards are offered in the latest Season Pass and unique locations are added to the mix. Here’s everything you need to know.

With the full release of Marvel Snap on October 18, we now know that the Season 5 theme will greet new players when they log in for the first time. Symbiote Invasion is in effect for the month of October and there’s plenty to be excited about.

From the release of Miles Morales to an all-new Season Pass, there’s something for everyone in the first full season for players around the world.

So to help you refresh everything there is to know about Marvel Snap Season 5, we’ve rounded up the full rundown for you below.


Marvel Snap Cover ImagesMarvel / Second Dinner

The fifth season of Marvel Snap is in effect for the game’s full release on October 18.

Marvel Snap Season 5: Symbiote Invasion Dates

Marvel Snap’s fifth season update went live on Tuesday, October 4, and as always will run for a full month. Note that this time around, Symbiote Invasion will be in focus for the season when Marvel Snap goes live on October 18 for players around the world.

Given the current ending point for the Season 5 Pass, it looks like Season 6 will continue tuesday 8 november.

Marvel Snap Season 5: Symbiote Invasion Prize

In line with previous seasons, Symbiote Invasion gives players the same three options as usual. The first is the easy option to keep playing for free and claim various rewards along the way without spending a dime.

But if you’d rather get the most out of the Season Pass, you’ll have to pay for one of the two premium options. The first is the Premium Season Pass for $9.99 which gives access to premium rewards along the track when you reach them. As a final, more expensive option, the Premium+ bundle is available for $14.99 and immediately unlocks the first 10 Tiers.

New Marvel Snap Season 5 Map: Miles Morales

Following the trend of one new map per season, Miles Morales has joined the Marvel Snap series in the latest content drop. As a 4 Cost 5 Power card, Miles has a unique effect that allows players to throw it on the board early. If another card was moved on the previous turn, the Miles cost drops to 1.

Whether it’s a card on your side of the board or an opponent’s card that moved, the effect works the same. This means that Miles can be used as a counterpart to movement decks, or simply as a powerful addition to your own movement-based deck.

As always, Miles Morales is available right away in the premium Season Pass, along with an additional art variant on Tier 50.

Marvel Snap cinematicMarvel / Second Dinner

Miles Morales is making her way into the Season 5 meta.

Marvel Snap Season 5: Symbiote Invasion Season Pass Missions

To help you get through the Symbiote Invasion Season Pass, there are a number of limited-time missions available, all of which provide a significant amount of XP. Some can be knocked out without much manual effort, while others may require specific decks or certain tactics to tick them off.

Below is a full rundown of all Season 5 missions in Marvel Snap so far.

Marvel Snap Season 5: Symbiote Invasion Season Pass Rewards

As always, the typical rewards will be offered again in the Season 5 Pass. From in-game currencies to new Card Backs and of course some unique art variations, there’s plenty for players to unlock. Below is a full rundown of all 50 levels in the Symbiote Invasion Season Pass.

Check back regularly in Season 5 as we’ll keep you up to date with the latest changes here.

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