Marvel’s Spider-Man Co-Op Mode Leaked Via PC Port

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered features the remnants of a canceled co-op mode, as players speculate about its appearance in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Insomniac Games hit gold with Marvel’s Spider-Man, which continues to enjoy astonishing success since its release in 2018. While the title was originally a PlayStation exclusive, the spectacular Spider-Man adventure is now available to PC players.

Naturally, curious players delved into the game’s files to dig up the remains of older content, leading to the discovery of a co-op mode that wasn’t included in the main game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 could feature co-op despite developer denial

PC mud @dniwetamp on Twitter discovered lines of code in the recent PC remaster that directly relate to unseen multiplayer modes.

It appears that Insomniac Games had been experimenting with co-op modes in which players could compete against each other, while also exploring New York City. A message such as “Peter Parker Is The Superior Spider-Man” or “Miles Morales Is The Superior Spider-Man” suggests elements of PVP.

More importantly, a line of code reads “If set and in co-op, Character2 will see this text.”

References to “Red” and “Blue” teams are also seen, which are included in the section “multiplayer/mp_spiderman_milesmorales/mp_spiderman_milesmorales.model.”

Both Marvel’s Spider-Man and its spin-off, Miles Morales, did not have multiplayer modes upon release. However, when Insomniac Games revealed that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 would feature both web slingshots, players were assured that co-op features would be implemented in the game.

Since both games run on the same engine, it’s possible that the developers were testing the co-op mode for the sequel and left traces of their experimentation.

At the time of the sequel’s announcement in September 2021, the developers stated on a PlayStation blog that they were excited to “continue the journey of both Peter Parker and Miles Morales in their most epic single-player adventure yet.” .”

Insomniac Games has been tight-lipped about the upcoming sequel, though it’s entirely possible that their stance on co-op has changed over the course of development.

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