McDonald’s customers sell Happy Meal Pokemon cards and eat for free

Pokemon’s McDonald collaboration cards are flooding online marketplaces with prices high enough to buy another Happy Meal.

Fans have probably seen rare Pokemon Trading Cards for unbelievably high prices from huge collections spanning ten years.

Unfortunately for some collectors, not all Pokemon cards sell for these amounts, especially if those cards are new and easy to get.

Now some online merchants are finding that out firsthand after reselling McDonald’s Pokemon cards for just enough to buy another Happy Meal with.

McDonald’s customers resell Happy Meal Pokemon cards

Happy Meal and Pokemon cards

The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Match Battle card packs are included with McDonald’s Happy Meals for a limited time.

A quick search through online marketplaces like eBay will turn up tons of results for Pokemon’s Match Battle Trading Card set.

However, fans will also notice that the retail prices are around $7, with most offers also including free shipping.

Coincidentally, McDonald’s Happy Meals in North America usually sell for $3.29, depending on the meal included.

This means that if collectors really wanted to, they could continue to buy Happy Meals and resell the cards themselves or whole packs for a positive profit margin.

pikachu card

Most Pokemon McDonalds TCG packs only sell for about $5.

Although, that profit margin would be about $1 even though it is still a profit at the end of the day.

In fact, it seems some sellers have taken this to heart, as one eBay listing claims to have sold over 220 packs already.

For those who haven’t broken open packs themselves, collectors currently have the most expensive card in the set, the holographic Pikachu, valued at around $10-15.

The other holographic cards, apart from Pikachu, sell for about $3-6, while every other card in the set sells for just $1-2.

While there’s a chance these cards will increase in value over the next few years, long after this limited-time event ends, it seems some collectors are content to simply sell their extra packs for more Happy Meals.

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