Memphis Police Track Stolen Car With AirTag

Authorities in Memphis, Tennessee successfully recovered a stolen SUV using Apple’s tracking device.


The victim, Joshua Wylie, found his vehicle stolen Friday morning. However, he had a security camera pointed at the Hyundai Santa Fe after thieves previously attempted to steal his car. He also had an Airtag installed in the vehicle. Fortunately, the device was put to good use and helped police track down the SUV’s location in Tillman.

Wylie said his car would have suffered thousands of dollars in damage had it not been for his AirTag. Memphis police tapped the tracker and found the address near a police station. Suffice it to say, Wylie recovered his vehicle and saved himself a lot of potential trouble.

Historically, the AirTag has played an important role in recovering stolen items and stopping robberies. The tracker uses the Find My network to determine the location of the device.

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