Mew revealed in Pokemon Unite: moves, stats, release date, guide, build

Mew has finally gone live in Pokemon Unite, with the iconic Pokemon added to the game’s roster during the first anniversary celebration. Here’s everything you need to know about Mew in the MOBA, including their moves, stats, and how to build them.

Mew is one of several new Pokemon arriving in Pokemon Unite as part of the game’s first anniversary, giving Trainers the chance to play as the iconic Mythical ‘mon.

As a Psychic-type Pokemon, Mew is an attacker that uses powerful moves to eliminate its opponents from afar – making it a skill-powered sniper in Pokemon Unite.

While leaks basically revealed everything before the launch of Mew, TiMi Studios has finally confirmed it all as the Pokemon goes live in the game. Here’s what you need to know about Mew in Pokemon Unite, including their moves, stats, and the best way to build them.

Mew Pokemon UniteTiMi Studios

Mew will be added to Pokemon Unite soon.


Pokemon Unite Mew release date

Mew released in Pokemon Unite on September 2, 2022, just like the previous Battle Pass expired. Now that Volume 3 of the first anniversary goes live, players can line up and play as the iconic ‘mon.

Pokemon Unite Mew Stats

The leaked Mew stats revealed that the Pokemon was an attacker – which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. After all, the Pokemon is a Generation I Psychic type with a high damage focus.

This makes items like Shell Bell and Choice Specs a must for the Legendary. Keep in mind that Mew does not evolve, therefore the stats are relatively linear in growth.

As for the cost of Mew, players can earn Mew for free during the Pokemon Unite anniversary event. Collect all 6 slates to unlock Mew for free. There are actually options to pay to make your way through the event, so keep that in mind for players looking to get quick access to the Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite Mew moves

The Psychic Legendary Pokemon plays very differently from other picks in Pokemon Unite. The movesets aren’t fixed throughout the game, but Mew seems to have the unique ability to swap out his moves regularly.

This is thanks to Mew’s passive ability, Synchronize, which cools down after about 10 seconds of use. Takedowns and/or scoring a goal reduces this cooldown, increasing Mew’s versatility in a team fight.

As for the rest of Mew’s leaked moves, there’s a wide variety available. It has moves like Electro Ball, Solar Beam, Surf and even Light Screen.

Pokemon Unite Mewpokemon

Mew is the most versatile Pokemon yet

Due to Mew’s versatility, it can probably play as both a support and damage dealer. Of course, this probably depends on the individual style of the player, as Mew even has the ability to improve the movement speed of allies.

Analysis of best moves

Instead of learning a new move and sticking to it during the game, Mew has three sets of moves. Disabling these is essential to maximize the Pokemon – so giving a recommended set for Mew is definitely a bit tricky.

The key to understanding Mew’s moves is understanding when you need each move, and the unique benefit each move provides.

As a whole, Solar Beam is the best move in the early game. It offers a lot of burst damage and range, which is essential for Mew to scale in the game. So definitely take it early. Then combine it with Light Screen to start with, to provide more usability during combat.

Once you have the option, increase Surf instead of Electro Ball. Electro Ball is more suited for a guaranteed last hit on enemies than any other strong utility. Solar Beam damages the Electro Ball by far and also has more range.

The only reason to use Electro Ball is if the player thinks he can’t aim the sunbeam properly.

With regard to the other movement, Agility is best used for mobility, which, given the name, really shouldn’t come as a shock.

Coaching is easily Mew’s best support move, as it gives a shield and increases the target Pokemon’s base attack speed. Therefore, try to opt for coaching in team fights and try to maximize the usefulness.

Best Construction (Objects Held, Emblems, Combat Item)

For both held items and decals, build Mew to maximize the Pokemon’s special attack. By doing so, Mew can deal obscene amounts of damage from a distance, and it’s easily the best build and play style for the new Pokemon.

Here are the recommended items:

  • Choice Specifications:
  • Wise Glasses
  • shell bell

For the most part, take green decals to increase Mew’s special attack stats. Either green or black would work wonders, with black giving more cooldown reduction.

These are the recommended battle items:

The best would probably be X-Speed, which as a whole has great utility in its current meta. You really can’t go wrong with this item – but for those looking for a more pure attack, X-Attack works too.

Pokemon Unite Mew BuildTiMi Studios

Mew is powerful, but incredibly hard to play

So there you have it, everything you need to know about Mew in Pokemon Unite. Make sure to check out our Pokemon page for all the latest news and information.

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