Midnight Society Assures Fans Project Moon Game Isn’t About “Making Money” Amid NFT Scares

The game studio of Dr. Disrespect, Midnight Society assured fans that their upcoming Project Moon game isn’t about “making money” as NFT integration will always be completely optional.

NFT integration is considered a major concern among gamers and developers. Valve President Gabe Newell banned NFT games from Steam, claiming there is a lot of “sketch-like behavior” around them, and players have widely condemned the practice.

However, not everyone is against them. Some believe that the concerns have been blown out of all proportion as people fail to understand what is happening and as a result overlook the benefits of NFT integration in gaming.

As the debate rages on, Midnight Society assured fans that Project Moon will not be a game people play to “make money.” Instead, they emphasized that it’s all about fun, and emphasized that NFT integration is optional.

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Midnight Society

The Midnight Society Founders Pass has some form of NFT integration.

“Our job here is to make a really great game,” the studio heads said during an AMA on Discord. “All blockchain NFT integration stuff is now completely focused on the Founders Pass stuff, and your account is kind of tied to all of those things.

“If you don’t care about that, or you’re not interested in it, or you’re even actively against it, just play the game and don’t worry about that stuff. You will never be forced or pressured or told to deal with anything like that.

“I feel like people are like that. “Oh, this is an NFT game, or it’s a blockchain game, it’s not, because in general the definition of those things is like all those things are written in the chain at the gameplay level, and that’s not what we do.

“This is not a game you play to make money. This is a game where you play it to have fun. The only difference is that I strongly believe that if you buy things, if you buy games and if you buy something, you should be able to sell it.”

The relevant part of the video is at 1:20:19.

dr. Disrespect echoed the sentiment during a March 15 stream: “You don’t need NFTs to play the game,” he said.

“It won’t change your experience of the game once it’s released, and it will remain free to play.”

Still, not everyone is thrilled with the idea, including some Champions Club members who expressed concerns about the Dr. Disrespect subreddit. So there’s still a lot of division left in the lead up to the game’s launch.

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