Minecraft Batman DLC: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay & More

published: 2022-10-17T13:11:14

Updated: 2022-10-17T13:11:30

Minecraft’s Batman DLC is a brand new experience where players can explore the famous city and defeat notorious villains. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Minecraft Batman DLC.

Minecraft Live introduced tons of new content for Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft Legends, and the new 1.20 update for the original Minecraft. However, all those announcements are gone for a while. Luckily, there’s a brand new exciting Batman DLC to enjoy while you wait.

The DLC is a DC fan’s dream and allows you to embed yourself in the worlds of Minecraft and Gotham as you explore the dangerous life of the famous superhero. Here’s everything we know about Minecraft’s Batman DLC.


Minecraft Batman DLC Release Date

The Minecraft Batman DLC will be released on October 18, 2022, thanks to a Tweet from Minecraft.

Although the announcement of the Batman DLC came during Minecraft Live 2022, they did not initially specify a release date. Thankfully, Minecraft followed suit with the upcoming release date, meaning players won’t have to wait long to play as Gotham’s hero.

DLC Minecraft Live Trailer

Minecraft Live 2022 introduced the Batman DLC, showing off a trailer with samples of gameplay and the characters you’ll encounter along the way. You can watch it below.

Minecraft Batman DLC Gameplay

The Minecraft Batman DLC isn’t just a new world to explore and a skin to put on. It’s about a story where you, as Batman, must face off against various recognizable villains to unravel and stop Joker’s tricky plot.

The DLC includes solving the Riddler’s puzzles, fighting the Joker, Poison Ivy and many other villains such as Harley Quin and The Penguin in combat-style bosses.

To fight them, you get to use many of Batman’s famous gadgets and awesome cars. The game also allows you to fight alongside allies such as Robin during the story.

Free cosmetics for all players

If getting the Batman DLC isn’t for you, a free cosmetic has also been announced that will be available to all players. It consists of a Batman-style cap and will be available when the DLC releases on October 18, 2022.

Minecraft Batman DLC Free Cosmeticsmojang

That’s all we know about the upcoming Minecraft Batman DLC. While you wait to battle through the streets of Gotham, check out what else was announced on Minecraft Live 2022:

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