Minecraft Steve rocks a beard after 13 years of clean-shaven adventures

After 13 years without an update to Minecraft’s default character ‘Steve’, Mojang gave the iconic adventurer his long-lost beard

In 2009, the first version of “Minecraft Steve” would be introduced to the world of computer gaming. Their official title would be “Human” and they would wear the same teal shirt, blue pants and tan skin as the Steve we know today.

The only difference at the time was that Minecraft Steve’s face would rock a six-pixel beard. This would only last for four months before the developers would touch up Steve’s texture to shave off his chin hair.

Steve would remain that way for the next 13 years, even after the addition of the more feminine character model Alex in Minecraft 1.8. But now the rugged trademark of a true survivalist has returned.

Steve’s beard is back in Minecraft

On August 20, the Art Director for Minecraft (Jasper Boerstra) would announce that the new textures for Steve and Alex were available in the Minecraft Launcher Beta. They said, “I’m glad you like the return of the beard!”

Of course, the beard isn’t the only update Steve and Alex have received. Their shirts, pants and faces are more detailed with a wider range of color variations.

Despite Boerstra specifically calling Steve’s new facial expression a “beard,” many fans claim it’s actually a smile. Back in 2009, this was a topic of discussion among Minecraft fans, and this new update has seemingly rekindled the flames of the Smile vs Beard debaters.

Anyway, it’s nice to see Steve and Alex getting a fresh look after staying exactly the same for so many years. And with the recent addition of the Caves & Cliffs update, Steve no longer has to worry about his chin getting cold while sitting on those snowy mountains.

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