MK-7 Returns To Fortnite After Beating Combat AR In Funding Station Poll

The fan-favorite MK-Seven Assault Rifle —better known as the MK-7 —returns to Fortnite. After taking on the Combat AR in the funding station, the weapon introduced in Chapter 3 won and was re-added in Season 2.

Epic Games has been playing around with the Fortnite gun vault quite a bit lately. With the return of financing stations, players could spend their gold returning one of their favorite weapons.

The battle between the Combat AR and the MK-7 rifle was the most fiercely fought to date. The Combat AR has been a staple of Fortnite since its release, while the MK-7 was a new addition to Chapter 3 that players loved.

It was that kind of appreciation and hype around the newer weapon that probably led to it winning in the invincible as the community funded it entirely in the funding station.

As a result, the MK-7 rifle was re-added to Fortnite at the end of April 7, causing it to fall across the island in all rarities. As for the Combat AR, it will have to wait for a future poll from a funding station or even Chapter 3 Season 3 to see the light of day.

The mood was not without problems. epic had to turn off the financing stations for about 30 hours because the votes didn’t count properly. However, once those were sorted, the MK-7 quickly won.

There will be more funding stations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, according to data miners† Including:

  • Bubble Shields vs Balloons
  • Boogie Bomb vs Rift-To-Go
  • Seven’s Turrets vs Seven’s Anti-Vehicle Turrets

When exactly those polls will start remains to be seen, but for now, enjoy running the MK-7 across Fortnite island and blasting enemies.

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