MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Schedule: May 26 Changes

MLB The Show 22 will receive regular roster updates throughout the MLB season to ensure players’ in-game rating accurately reflects their actual play. Here’s everything you need to know about the next roster update, including when it goes live.

The Show is back, bringing near-daily content updates to the most popular card collecting mode, Diamond Dynasty.

As the MLB season gets underway, many players from all 30 teams will face both rating increases and drops.

Here’s the schedule for when the next roster update comes to the game, as well as how often you can schedule to have roster updates later.

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MLB The Show 22 is available for download on Xbox Game Pass.

MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Schedule

The Most Recent MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Has Come Out May 26 and changed a lot of overall player ratings.

After this update, the next one is expected to be two weeks from the date June 9

May 26 Roster Changes for MLB The Show 22

With the May 26 roster update, there were a handful of players who performed well enough to reach Diamond level.

Jazz Chisholm of the Miami Marlins (86), Shane McClanahan of the Tampa Bay Rays (86), CJ Cron of the Colorado Rockies (87), and Paul Goldschmidt of the St. Louis Cardinals (88).

mlb the show 22 may 26 update

Along with those changes, Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees is now the second highest-rated player in the game with a 94 overall.

The best Live Series player is still Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels with an overall of 95.

To see every player who has been updated, you can view the changes on the Diamond Dynasty homepage, then navigate to the bottom right and select Roster update

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