MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Schedule: When Will Live Rosters Be Added?

MLB The Show 22 will receive regular roster updates throughout the MLB season to ensure players’ in-game rating accurately reflects their actual play. Here’s everything you need to know about the next roster update, including when it goes live.

The Show is back, bringing near-daily content updates to the most popular card collecting mode, Diamond Dynasty.

As the MLB season gets underway, many players from all 30 teams will face both rating increases and drops.

Here’s the schedule for when the next roster update comes to the game, as well as how often you can schedule to have roster updates later.

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MLB The Show 22 is available for download on Xbox Game Pass.

Roster Update Schedule for MLB The Show 22

When is the next roster update in MLB The Show 22?

The next roster update for MLB The Show 22 is scheduled for April 29

While the latest update brought Japanese superstar Seiya Suzuki to The Show, players are still wondering when other players like Dee Strange-Gordon and Robinson Cano will be added to the baseball sim.

In addition to adding players who are not currently in the game, like the ones mentioned above, there are also plenty of Live Series ratings that players will want to see updated. Suzuki is a prime example, as tons of The Show players want his rating from 75 to be massively boosted for his incredible performance to date.

Another player fans are hoping for love is San Diego Padres third baseman Manny Machado, who has been on fire since the start of the season. As the real MLB season continues to get underway, roster updates will become more frequent than just once every two weeks.

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The updated MLB The Show 22 roadmap.

Heading into the next roster update, a handful of content drops are coming, including a New Event & Headliners pack, as well as new bosses, moments, and conquest maps.

When will Live Rosters be added in MLB The Show 22?

There’s no exact date for when rosters in MLB The Show 22 will be completely accurate, but players hope for the April 29 update brings all schedules up to date.

If you don’t want to wait for players to be added by SDS itself, you can always download a custom roster from the Vaults tab via Settings on the home page.

Numerous MLB The Show players have created custom rosters that are completely accurate prior to their actual release.

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