Mod allows AMD noise cancellation to run on older Radeon GPUs

The drivers for AMD’s rDNA 2 based graphics cards now come with noise reduction support. This doesn’t mean older Radeon GPUs can’t get this feature, though; they will only have to use unofficial drivers for this.

The Noise Suppression technology uses an AI algorithm that helps reduce background noise. This helps to make input and output audio signals clearer and clearer with other external excess noise and distortion caused by it. The NVIDIA RTX Voice is much the same that has been introduced on a lot of new and old hardware, even including the GTX 600 series. NVIDIA also uses similar technology for their NVIDIA Broadcast application, which is for both gaming and video streaming.

In contrast, AMD has only just started rolling out Noise Suppression for the Radeon RX 6000 graphics cards. However, for older GPUs with RDNA architecture, there is a custom driver called ‘NimeZ’ that supports the noise reduction technology. It is a derivative of the last 22.7.1. driver.

This derivative is available on many platforms such as the GCN and Terascale.

However, before you decide to use this new driver ‘NimeZ’, please be aware that it will void your warranty. Since this is unknown software, you are also exposed to some degree of risk to your software and hardware.

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