Modder recreates Pokemon’s Johto region in Super Mario Galaxy and it’s insane

A modder has recreated the Johto region from Pokemon Heart Gold in Super Mario Galaxy and successfully turned Mario into a Pokemon Trainer.

Hackers and modders have been able to do incredible things in the gaming space.

A talented modder managed to get Halo’s protagonist Master Chief to Yakuza, making the space soldier a perfect fit for the karaoke club.

Now another modder has moved on and recreated the entirety of one of the most beloved regions in all Pokemon in a Super Mario game.

super mario galaxy pokemonNintendo, YouTube: RiazorMC

This is actually a screenshot of Super Mario Galaxy.

Super Mario Galaxy mud recreates Pokemon’s Johto region

YouTuber RiazorMC posted a video to their channel on September 2 where they showed off arguably their most impressive Nintendo mod to date.

The mod is a recreation of Pokemon Heart Gold in Super Mario Galaxy, the 2007 Wii game, and one of the most beloved 3D Mario games ever released.

It features nearly every single zone and route within the Johto region, all created with near-perfectly accurate pixel art that looks exactly like the actual Nintendo DS game. Mario even wears the exact same retarded hat as Heart Gold’s main character. At the end of the video, Mario jumps into a star that has appropriately turned into a Staryu.

In the comment section, fans went absolutely crazy with the mod.

One user said: “This is the best thing I’ve ever seen that blesses my eyes. Mario in Johto is a masterpiece! Well done!”

Another shared even more praise: “That’s so cool! The art styles go together surprisingly well!”

Riazor’s channel is chock full of mods for popular Nintendo games that are impressive, but this one could take the cake for their best yet.

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