Modern Warfare 2 Beta Weekend Two Patch Notes: Ground War, Perk Changes, AR Nerfs

Brad Norton

published: 2022-09-23T02:35:26

Updated: 2022-09-23T02:35:48

Week two of the Modern Warfare 2 beta is now in focus and with players on all platforms joining now, Infinity Ward has released new patch notes full of new content and major gameplay changes.

A week after the PlayStation-exclusive leg of the Modern Warfare 2 Beta, players on PC and Xbox are now getting in on the action. However, things are not exactly the same as on the first outing.

In light of key feedback in the first few days, developers are tackling some of the game’s most prominent issues. They have also introduced new maps and modes to make the final days of the test even more exciting.

So before you load up again, take a close look at Modern Warfare 2 Beta Weekend Two’s patch notes.

New Content in Week Two of Modern Warfare 2 Beta

While the first week of the beta featured some unique locations and a handful of modes, things expand in week two. For starters, two new maps join the rotation in Sariff Bay and Sa’id. Both are described as ‘Battle Maps’ to suit larger game modes.

Joining them is such a great team mode when Ground War returns. 64 players can now compete in this mode that emphasizes not only long-range combat, but also new vehicle combat systems.

Last but not least, Invasion raises the stakes with large-scale 80-player lobbies. Two teams of 20 people and two teams of 20 AI load up in this “absolutely chaotic” mode with regular team deathmatch rules in effect. The team with the most kills wins.

Modern Warfare 2 Sariff Bay GameplayActivity

Sariff Bay is a vibrant new map in Weekend Two of the Modern Warfare 2 Beta.

Perk & Weapon Changes in Modern Warfare 2 Beta

As teased in a previous blog post, the Perk system is speeding up in week two of beta. Initially, it took quite some time to earn all of your chosen perks in a given match due to the new perks pack she delivers mid-game.

With all platforms joining the fray, the earning percentage for these higher perks has increased ‘significantly’.

In addition, seven weapons have been modified to varying degrees for the last few days of the beta. Some major Assault Rifles now deal less damage and have more recoil, while a few powerful SMGs now have slightly more hipfire recoil.

You can find the full list of balance adjustments below.

Full Modern Warfare 2 Weekend Two Patch Notes


  • Introducing two new battle maps: Sariff Bay and Sa’id.


  • Ground War is back! Enjoy battles up to 32v32 with brand new vehicles and dynamic battles.
  • Introducing our Sandbox TDM, Invasion (or what we like to call the Shipment of Ground War). Invasion pits two teams of 20 players and 20 AI against each other. With large maps, 80 fighters, water game, ground vehicles, air vehicles and more – it’s absolute chaos!
  • Third Person Moshpit returns for Weekend Two.


  • We’ve made changes to player visibility so that enemy targets should be easier to spot.


  • The Perks Earning Percentage will remain the same for the start of Beta Weekend One. Once all platforms are open, we will significantly increase the earning rate.


  • Reduced the total distance at which you could hear footsteps of enemies and allies
  • Mixed the volume of local and non-local player slide sounds to be more in line with other movements
  • Added an equalizer to soften allies’ footsteps vs. enemy’s footsteps, making the enemy’s sound clearer
  • Custom mix presets – especially the mix of ambient sounds, making footsteps a little less pronounced

Tune weapon

FTAC exploration

  • Less damage in fully automatic mode
  • Increased fully automatic recoil
  • Minor headshot damage reduction

FSS hurricane

  • Less damage at a distance
  • Lower headshot multiplier


  • Small recoil increase
  • Small headshot reduction
  • Small increase in the spread of hip fire


  • Small increase in the spread of hip fire


  • Small increase in the spread of hip fire


  • Small increase in the spread of hip fire

Lachmann Sub

  • Minimum damage limitation
  • Minor headshot damage reduction


  • Valderas Museum has returned after lighting repairs
  • Several geos patched at Farm 18, Breenburgh Hotel and Mercado Las Almas

User environment

  • We’ve addressed a number of UX bugs, including Gunsmith and progress issues. The level cap for Weekend Two is level 30. If you played in Weekend One, your progress should carry over to Weekend Two.
  • We are also working on some UI and UX improvements before launch.

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