Modern Warfare 2 fans fear Operators Soap & Ghost locked behind paywall

published: 2022-10-19T17:28:19

Updated: 2022-10-19T17:28:41

Activision has revealed the first 23 operators of Modern Warfare 2, but fans fear a few fan favorites may be behind a paywall.

With Modern Warfare 2’s release date fast approaching, Activision is slowly trickling out information to fans. On October 18, the developers confirmed two classic maps coming during Season 1, a release date for Raids and Twitch drops.

Not all announcements have reached their goal. MW2 has a Seasonal Prestige system instead of the classic Prestige Level system. Players rejected the decision which, in the opinion of some, renders the ranking “pointless”.

Fans are reading between the lines of the announcements and fear that the favorite operators like Soap and Ghost won’t be available to everyone.

cod modern warfare 2 soldiers walking through the fieldActivity

Modern Warfare 2 brings back the classic CoD character Ghost.

How do operators work in Modern Warfare 2?

MW2 is launched with 23 operators, divided between SpeccGru and Kortac. Players start with generic “Mil-Sim” operators for each faction.

In the launch blog, Activision stated, “Eighteen additional Operators can be unlocked through Campaign, Multiplayer and Special Ops challenges which will be detailed later this month as part of our progress summary.”

The developers continued, “Price, Farah, Soap and Ghost Operators are available through the Red Team 141 pack of the Vault Edition.”

Fans concluded that explicitly stating “Operators are available” instead of skins means that Price, Farah, Soap and Ghost can only be unlocked via the Red Team 141 pack.


Pre-ordering the Vault Edition will give you access to the FJX Cinder Weapon Vault.

There are two different editions of MW2, the Standard Edition and Vault Edition. Priced at $109.99, the Vault Edition offers the Red Team 141 Operator Pack and other exclusive offers. The Operator Pack includes Ghost, Soap, Farah, and Price.

Activision did not mention any unlock method for the four operators other than purchasing the Vault Edition.

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