Modern Warfare 2 Player Invents “Poor Man’s Chopper Gunner” Using Simple Drone Trick

Published: 2022-12-27T23:27:50

Updated: 2022-12-27T23:28:06

A Modern Warfare 2 player has found an innovative way to repurpose the Recon Drone to elevate the Sentry Gun into something much more deadly.

Modern Warfare 2 has a plethora of killstreaks that can absolutely destroy a lobby if used effectively, but as with any other game in the Call of Duty franchise, players have to work pretty hard if they want to reach the truly mighty.

That’s why a crafty player’s innovative drone trick is making waves, as it allows players to bring a little more power to the table for a little less work than the real thing.

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Modern Warfare 2 players come up with “hilarious” new killstreak using Sentry Gun and Recon Drone

The whole plan revolves around equipping the Recon Drone and performing a 7 killstreak (or the scorestreak equivalent) to earn a Sentry Gun. Once that’s done, curious players just need to position the Sentry, position their drone on top of the weapon, then pick up the Sentry and re-place it next to the drone’s shadow.

If done correctly, the once-stationary turret will now float slightly off the ground, and when the operator gets back into their drone, the whole map will be their playground, as they essentially have the power of a Harrier Jet or a “poor man’s ” embrace. Chopper Gunner,” as one Reddit commenter put it.

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As shown in the video embedded above, this is a powerful and terrifying way to control the map. People flocked to the post to say they wouldn’t be mad if they died from this monstrosity as it takes at least some ingenuity to dream.

There’s no telling how long this trick will work, as Infinity Ward has a penchant for patching exploits like this from the game, but for now it’s still possible. The whole community should look forward to this in the coming weeks.

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