Modern Warfare 2 players want Infinity Ward to roll back “limp” timed perks

Published: 2022-12-31T16:06:49

Updated: 2022-12-31T16:07:13

Players of Modern Warfare 2 have called on the game’s developers to revert the changes to Call of Duty’s notorious perks, labeling the new system as “weak” and “useless”.

Every year, new Call of Duty installments seem to struggle with balancing classic features and innovative aspects for the player base.

In Modern Warfare 2, one feature that was tweaked was CoD’s classic perk system. Where previous titles allowed players to choose three, MW2 lets players choose four.

Two are basic perks and are applied to players from the start of games. The other two – a player’s bonus advantage and ultimate advantage – are earned during a match itself.

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As a result, players essentially don’t have 50% of their chosen perks during the first few minutes of each multiplayer match. That continues to prove unpopular with the game’s player base.

Modern Warfare 2 players call new perk system “weak” and “useless”

A December 31 Reddit post from a player was simply titled “timed perks suck”.

“What’s the point of waiting until I get fast hands?” they asked. “To make the game less fun for everyone for a while? Lame useless function.

It does affect gameplay in the first few minutes of Modern Warfare 2 matches. For example, Ghost, an Ultimate Perk, cannot be earned until about halfway through a multiplayer match. As a result, players have to play slower and be more mindful of enemy UAVs.

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Other players flocked to the post to echo the OP’s sentiments.

One player commented: “Besides, who asked for this change? It doesn’t improve or fix anything.”

Another said, “I’d be okay with the timed release if it were the pro versions of your regular perks. This one? Just stupid.”

Pro perks found in some older Infinity Ward-developed Call of Duty titles. They were essentially enhanced versions of basic perks, giving players additional in-game perks.

Infinity Ward has so far been tight-lipped about their perk system, but with Warzone 2 players expressing similar frustrations, we could see some dialogue and a possible reversal in the new year.

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