Modern Warfare 2 teaser reveals fan favorite game mode coming to launch

A new Modern Warfare 2 teaser has revealed that the fan-favorite game mode Capture the Flag will disappear with the game’s launch, possibly also hinting at its involvement in the Call of Duty League.

Details are quickly piling up about Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2, with the game’s launch now firmly in sight and the beta even closer.

For example, we know that the game will focus on conflicts with Colombia’s infamous drug cartels and, barring any late changes, it will also reincarnate a large number of beloved Call of Duty maps.

It looks like fan-favorite game modes are also on the agenda, with a recent teaser pointing to Capture the Flag’s involvement, as well as the standard Domination multiplayer mode.

Modern Warfare 2 teaser confirms Capture the Flag multiplayer mode

A new teaser, posted on September 10, revealed the logos for two different game modes, both of which confirm previous leaks.

The first involves Domination, a mode that has always been a safe bet given its inclusion in every Call of Duty title in recent memory.

However, the second confirms that, barring any late development changes, Capture the Flag will be available from launch.

As noted by leaker TheGhostofHopeGame Mode logos confirm previous leaks that CTF is returning in Modern Warfare 2.

Will Capture the Flag be in the Call of Duty League for MW2?

Despite its popularity, many recent CoD titles have omitted CTF. That has had a knock-on effect on competitive CoD, where Capture the Flag has traditionally played a role.

However, with no CTF in-game, recent competitive seasons — like Vanguard’s — have been forced to go without, using only three modes (Hardpoint, SnD, and Control).

However, that could change for the MW2 CDL season. CTF’s inclusion at launch doesn’t confirm it will be an esports mode, but it means the League has the ability to diversify competitions.

As more details about Modern Warfare 2 become known, the excitement of the fans will only increase.

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