Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Free Title Event 1: New Monsters, Event Missions, More

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak recently had its first free title update. The update introduces new monsters, weekly event missions, DLC in the form of layered armor, and an improved version of the current Anomaly System. Here’s what you need to know.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak was released in late June and expanded the base game – with promises of more continuous updates. So eat some food, grab those drinks and get ready for another hunt-a-thon.

From more armor improvements, more monsters and another spike in difficulty, the new Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak update offers a ton of content for players to grind through. Here’s everything included in the update.


New Monsters in MHR Sunbreak Free Title Event 1

Four new monsters, excluding Anomaly variants, released in the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Update: Lucent Narcaguca, Seething Bazelgeuse, Golden Rathian and Silver Rathalos.

These are all new variants of pre-existing monster species – so not entirely new to Monster Hunter Rise. In addition, all new Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak monsters in the update existed in previous games. But they’ve been given new moves to better accommodate the faster pace of Rise’s battles.

In addition, they all have their own armor sets. Some armor abilities are incredibly good, so expect some meta changes and damage recalculations for builds.


All 4 monsters provide new armor.

New Event Missions and Maps in MHR Sunbreak Free Title Event 1

In the reveal, Capcom announced that they are holding weekly events for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. These cycle every week. Event quests will debut on August 18.

These will likely bring you exclusive rewards, most likely in the form of layered armor. Their teaser photo shows that the fighter is fighting two Rajangs at once – so these events could very well present extreme challenges.


A new locale debuts in the new MHR sunbreak update: Lost Arena. This is a reinvention of a pre-existing map from older Monster Hunter games – with improved lighting and visuals to match today’s entry.

This used to be called Tower in the older listings – with the new map paying tribute to its predecessor.


To the left is Tower, while to the right is the rebranded Forlorn Arena.

Renewal system anomaly

The new update not only brings new anomaly monsters but they also refresh the whole system.

For context, Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak introduced the Anomaly Quests. During these quests, hunters battled monsters infested by the Qurio, the tiny butterflies that fly around Malzeno.

By hunting these tormented monsters, hunters gain access to another upgrade for their corresponding weapon, increasing the progress process.

Players must reach a certain MR to unlock certain anomaly missions.

The update also introduces Anomaly Investigations and Anomaly Research. Anomaly Investigations are quests where players hunt with randomly generated variables – directly affecting difficulty, as well as potential rewards.

In Capcom’s words, “the target monster, location and number of players are determined at random.”

Completing these Anomaly Investigations will earn you points needed to increase the Anomaly Investigation Lab, which will allow the player to unlock more investigations.

The biggest aspect of these studies is undoubtedly the new upgrade system: Qurious Crafting.

Qurious Crafting upgrades equipment beyond the original limit.

This crafting system allows you to add new upgrades to your gear.

“You can customize your weapons’ stats, such as attack power and affinity, and you can randomize your armor’s functionality, which you can do as many times as you want!”

Playtesting and theory crafting will definitely be needed to see exactly how this feature works. But it’s potentially very game-changing.

Don’t worry, there are no gameplay elements locked behind a paywall. The paid DLC is all purely cosmetic, offering layered armor for both the animal companions and the fighter.

Hands down, the best DLC for this update would have to be the debut of “Fiorayne” Hunter layered armor, hair, and voice lines. This essentially allows the player to play as the fighter – a feature available to all fighter avatars regardless of the body type chosen.


Other included DLC are gestures and stickers – be sure to check out the official store for more information.

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