Montech announces the SKY TWO high airflow chassis

MONTECH, an innovative brand for PC components and peripherals, announces the SKY TWO, a mainstream mid-tower case that showcases your PC components with tempered glass front and side panels. The latest addition to the SKY series offers top cooling performance with a unique airflow configuration with fine-mesh front panel and side panel on the bottom, 3 pre-installed RX120 inverted 120mm ARGB/PWM fans on the side and bottom and pre-installed AX120 ARGB/PWM fan on the backside. The SKY TWO is compatible with motherboards from Mini-ITX to E-ATX, supports top mount of up to 360mm radiator and fans, and features top I/O including a USB Gen 2 Type C port. The SKY TWO is available in Black US$99.99, Pristine Frost White US$105.99 and Morocco Blue US$119.99.

The SKY TWO offers a unique airflow approach where the lower portion of the front and left side panel is designed with a fine mesh optimized for airflow and dust filtration. This concept pushes a lot of air through the PSU case and directs it to the fans above, supplying fresh air directly to the GPU. In addition, the 3 pre-installed RX120 120mm ARGB/PWM fans (2 on the side and 1 on the bottom) have an inverted blade design that allows them to be installed as an intake with their best side exposed. An additional 120mm ARGB/PWM fan is pre-installed on the back of the SKY TWO to create a balanced out-of-the-box thermal solution.

Unobstructed view and high-quality compatibility
The SKY TWO is equipped with two tempered glass panels, one on the front and one on the left side of the case, allowing a full view of the PC hardware installed inside, and can be easily removed to allow an unrestricted building experience. Users are offered great configuration options with the compatibility of the SKY TWO for Mini-ITX to E-ATX motherboards, support for 168mm high CPU cooling towers, up to 360mm radiator on the top and up to 400mm long GPUs, enough to support without any issues the latest NVIDIA 4000 series graphics. In addition, the SKY TWO can support up to 2x HDDs/SSDs in the drive cage of the PSU chamber, and 2x SSDs in the second chamber, which is also equipped with 3 large Velcro straps, and a fan hub that can support up to 6 ARGBs and PWM devices (with 3 ports each filled with pre-installed fans).

3 colors to choose from
The SKY TWO is available in classic black, Pristine white and special Morocco blue. The Pristine White Edition is an inside-out all-white design with white rubber grommets, white fans, and silver screws. With the Morocco Blue edition, every part of the case has a unique blue, from the edges of the tempered glass panel to the fans, grommets and case screws.

optional accessories
The AX120 PWM and RX120PWM (reverse fan) are also sold separately, MSRP $8.90 in black and $9.90 in white. The inverted blade design complements builds with more intake fans while maintaining a great aesthetic. Users can also choose the VGM Vertical GPU Mount for MSRP $59. The vertical GPU kit comes with a 220mm PCIe 4.0 riser card and is compatible with any enclosure with 7 PCIe expansion slots.

Prices and availability

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