Mow your lawn in style with the Husqvarna robotic lawnmower at a discount of $308

Sit back and relax in the shade or indoors while a robo lawnmower keeps your grass neat and tidy. Today you can get the Husqvarna Automower Connect robotic lawnmower for just $1,092 off its original price of $1,400 on Amazon.

Husqvarna Robotic

The Automower 115H looks and behaves like a robotic lawnmower from the future. The Automower Connect app allows you to control and configure the smart lawnmower where it needs to go, along with start and stop commands. It works in small to medium sized gardens and up to 0.4 hectares, with technology that allows it to cut more blades of grass for a uniform, carpet-like appearance.

Husqvarna’s robotic lawnmower supports Alexa and Google Home and is electronically powered, so it produces no noise and harmful emissions. It also comes with built-in theft protection to ward off evil intent. Grab the $308 Husqvarna Smart Lawn Mower today!

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