MP40 Vanguard Class Best Gear: Attachments, Benefits, Skill, Installation

. Last updated: 01 Aug 2022

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s MP40 is a phenomenal SMG and it will help you pick up the pace and keep you on the leaderboard, game after game in Season 4. From optimal attachments to the best gear to use for the class, here is all you need to know about this deadly SMG.

As with any weapon in Vanguard, equipping your weapon of choice is just the beginning. With 70 weapon levels with unique in-game attachments and unlocks, you have hundreds of potential builds to make your ideal destruction tool in Call of Duty real.

With Vanguard’s Gunsmith feature, you have more options at your disposal than ever before. With up to 10 mounting slots on most weapons, the upgrade options are immense. The MP40 SMG is no slouch even from the get-go, but with the right setup you can develop the gun into a completely different beast.

From the best ammo types and magazines to the best weapon prowess and everything in between, here’s our roundup of the best MP-40 gear in Vanguard Season 4.


Best MP40 Vanguard Gear

CoD Vanguard MP40 in menu


The MP40 is a reliable SMG in Vanguard that only gets better with the right attachments.

  • End of a loop: Recoil booster
  • Walk: Krausnick 317MM 04B
  • Optics: slate reflector
  • Stock: Krausnick 33M Foldable
  • Underflow: Carver Foregrip
  • Magazine: 9MM 24 Round Fast Mags
  • Type of ammunition: extended
  • Rear handle: dotted grip
  • Skill: Clamp
  • Package: Fast

With 10 categories to browse, it can often be daunting to figure out where to start. So let’s break down each MP40 attachment to help you understand how this top-notch gear works.

To kick the habit, we have the Recoil booster in the snout slot together with the Krausnick 317MM 04B Barrel and both attachments serve a similar purpose here in improving recoil control and weapon handling. With these combined, your SMG should shine in mid-range combat.

For the Optic, this comes down to personal preference. We settled on the slate reflector as something simple as there are no downsides to this option. Looking through the list, keep in mind that certain optics have negative effects.

Vanguard MP40 Optic


You have 17 optics to choose from with the MP40, but choose wisely to avoid negative effects.

Then we have the Carver Foregrip Underbarrel, which also helps control the MP40’s significant recoil. The SMG will always be devastating in close quarters combat, but these extra boosts make it much more reliable on larger maps.

A change to your Magazine option can also serve you well with the MP40, and the 9MM 24 Round Fast Mags are our choice. While they slightly reduce the mag size, the boost in reload speeds more than makes up for it.

When choosing your ammo type there is no reason not to settle for extended rounds. Bullet Velocity is king in any CoD, so with this upgrade you can kill enemies significantly faster than usual.

We settled on the dotted grip to add even more accuracy and facilitate recoil recovery. In combination with the other attachments in this loadout, the MP40 becomes an absolute laser.

MP40 bracket


Brace makes your first few bullets more accurate.

Clamp is arguably the strongest weapon skill for any SMG, as it allows your first few bullets to be more accurate, which can be vital to life or death.

As your second additional benefit through the Kit, Fast should be an insta pick for this SMG class. With faster sprint speeds, you’ll blast through any map on your way to the next firefight.

Best MP40 Vanguard Class (Benefits, Gear and Field Upgrade)

Vanguard Ghost


Ghost is essential for this MP40 build as you are always on the go.

  • advantage 1: Spirit
  • advantage 2: Radar
  • advantage 3: overkill
  • Subordinate: Vending machine
  • Deadly: Thermite Grenade
  • Tactical: stim
  • Field Upgrade: to death

When it comes to building out the rest of your MP40 gear, perks, gear, and field upgrades are just as important as your weapon’s attachments. In any case, players overlook them in favor of a fully loaded weapon.

There is no past for Perks in this aggressive SMG class Spirit, to start with. You are always on the move, so you are always hidden from enemy radars. It’s a tried and true advantage that will help keep your secrecy secure.

Next comes Radar revealing enemies using unmuted weapons on the map. You’ll see their indicators on your minimap so you can push and go for the kill. This ties in nicely with Ghost and buffers your stealth by punishing other players for not using stealth.

Vanguard Double Time


Double Time ensures you never run out of Tac Sprint.

We always like to have a solid weapon to fall back on when our primary dries up or takes a while to reload, so overkill will give us this freedom. If you do, hit the Automaton as your secondary to clear out some enemies.

Your choices for lethal, tactical and field upgrades are also vital. A Thermite Grenade causes varying degrees of damage and can be effective in any game mode, so it should be a must in your gear.

A stim is also an absolutely necessary tool for any decent SMG build in Vanguard. Not only does it restore health in an instant, but it also replenishes your Tac Sprint, further improving your mobility and chances of success.

As for your field upgrade, we feel to death is a game-changer as it gives you the chance to reach some of the game’s best Killstreaks.

Vanguard Stim


Stim is a game changer for any SMG build in Vanguard.

That’s a full rundown of our optimal MP40 gear in Vanguard, but as patches come and go, the stats are likely to change across the board.

Rest assured, we’ll keep this gear up to date with the latest optimal gear and equipment with every Vanguard update.

Best MP40 Class Vanguard Tips

The MP40 in Vanguard has even been crowned best SMG by several content creators and pros all these months later. However, if you want to take full advantage of this gear, you need to know how to use it effectively.

Here are a few tips for maximizing our best MP40 Vanguard gear:

  • This weapon is an SMG, your priority should be in close to medium range dates.
  • At extremely short distances, hip shooting on aiming the sights will be more effective.
  • The Spirit Perk will hide from the enemy mini-map, so don’t be afraid to be aggressive.
  • The use of “Stim” and “Double Time” combined with this MP40 class you can be incredibly fast. Use this agility to improve your movement.

Also remember that you should always develop a play style that works best for you. That said, if you’re still struggling to succeed with the MP40, these tips should be helpful.

How to unlock the MP40 in Vanguard


The MP40 is unlocked at level 16.

To unlock the MP40 in CoD Vanguard, go to Player rank 16. This shouldn’t take too long if you’re using Double XP tokens or playing with the Assault and Blitz Combat Pacing.

To maximize XP, you also need to play the target in game modes such as Domination, Patrol, and Hardpoint.

Alternative to the MP40 Vanguard Gear

CoD Vanguard M1928


The M1928 is the fastest firing SMG in Vanguard.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the MP40, check out our M1928 gear. This SMG may not be as popular as the MP40 in Vanguard, but its incredibly high rate of fire makes it one of the fastest-killing weapons in Vanguard.

Keep in mind that the firing rate results in less accuracy at a distance. So, if you choose to use this SMG, you should be prioritized in close range firefights.

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