MSI Announces Its First Prebuilt Desktop PC With Intel Arc A380 Graphics With 6GB Memory

MSI recently released its new desktop gaming desktop system that will be based on Intel’s Alder Lake platform and will feature the Arc A380 graphics.

JD platform, a major Chinese retailer, recently showed this listing. Some time ago, Intel had also confirmed that Intel Arc is all set to launch exclusively in China with the help of local OEM partners. This entry on the JD platform appears to be the very first entry with the Intel Arc desktop GPU.

It may seem rather odd that the game system is set up for pre-order, but there doesn’t seem to be any pricing or shipping involved. But this is because no information is publicly available at this time. However, the company has confirmed the specifications of each of the PC configurations. This is the first time that the memory configuration of the Arc A380 graphics card has been confirmed.

Moving on to the specs, MSI has confirmed that the graphics card will have 6GB of GRR6 memory. This confirms that those desktop models based on the Alchemist GPU can use the 96-bit memory bus. This is worth noting here as this is not the case with the mobile variants where the memory is limited to 4 GB spread over a 64-bit bus. The Arc A380 will be based on the full ACM-G11 GPU with 8 Xe-Cores.

MSI hasn’t been clear about the graphics card manufacturer, but if we’re to rely on past rumors, we’re most likely looking at a card that MSI designed themselves. This particular model has “OC” written on it, which means it comes factory overclocked out of the box.

The desktop PC has several variants, all with different configurations. These variants range from the Core i3-12100F CPU to i7-12700KF. They all come with the Arc A380 6GB graphics card.

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