MSI Announces Official Pricing for its X670 and X670E Motherboards During Livestream

The prices for AM5 motherboards that surfaced over the weekend do indeed appear to be early cash prices, as MSI released actual prices for four of its future motherboards in a live webcast. While the price is still quite high, it’s not as outrageous as the first ad suggested.

The Pro X670-P WiFi has a MSRP starting at US$329 (pre-tax) in the United States and an EU MSRP of €395 (after taxes and VAT). The next price point is the MPG X670E Carbon WiFi, which retails for US$499 / €599, a significant increase in the Eurozone, but adjusted for the current exchange rate between the US dollar and the euro, it is still cheaper after adding of a 20% VAT.

Next comes the MEG X670E ACE, which doesn’t seem like a decent value at US$799/€969. Last but not least, we have the MEG X670E Godlike, which retails for $1,299/€1,599, although early listings in Europe point to a price of €2,399. It brings the Godlike in line with MSI’s previous Godlike board, although it will certainly be one of the most expensive X670E boards on the market.

According to the live broadcast, costs are expected to drop sometime after the initial launch, and we’ve heard this from other motherboard manufacturers as well. MSI doesn’t mince words about their price, but it wouldn’t help anyone interested in AMD’s AM5 platform.

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