MSI shows off screwless and toolless M.2 SSD design for its Zen 4 motherboard

Anyone who has built a machine using the M.2 SSD knows how tedious it is to deal with the M.2 screw. It’s incredibly small for the screwdriver, which is fine for the rest of the PC, and goodness forbid if you ever drop it on the floor, chances are you’ll ever find it. The propeller is definitely the worst part of the M.2.

Anyone who has dealt with this nuisance must think there is a better way around it. The good news is that there is. MSI has just introduced the “Screwless M.2 Shield Frozr” – a feature for its Socket AM5 motherboards. The use was demonstrated by MSI during the livestream on Computex in May, but there was not much clarity about the use because the presenter had some difficulty with it.

Some of the leaked images have been shared by chi11eddog, which appears to be an occasional leak. These images help to better understand the feature and how it works. One of these photos appears to be from the MSI motherboard’s product page, while the other appears to be an excerpt from a manual. There is also a third photo that looks like an industrial diagram.

From the looks of it, this seems to be quite a combination of mounting and heatsink, as the mounting only works properly when the heatsink is in place. Basically the M.2 SSD is installed around a stationery pin, after which you need to click a few pins on the heat sink and secure it in the bracket around the M.2 socket. When you are done, you need to insert the retention pin out of the socket and into the other end of the heatsink.

M.2 SSDs don’t require a lot of mounting pressure like the CPU heatsinks, so they’ll work just fine without the need for screws to hold them in place. The heat sink used here looks sturdy enough. Although we wish it could have been made better with a few fins and ribbing on the overall surface. As you stand, the top of the heatsink is just a flat piece of anodized aluminum that appears to be failing to dissipate all the heat.

According to Chi11eddog, the design on the MSI Socket AM5 motherboards will come with X670 and B650 chipsets and is expected for others as well. It is still patent pending, so other suppliers can try their luck with their own designs as well.

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