MultiVersus developers update missing menu functions

MultiVersus has a lot of features to keep players busy at the moment, but two are clearly missing from the main menu and the game’s director opened them up.

The MultiVersus universe is currently a hotbed of activity with the game getting a major Twitch tournament with a lot of money at stake, and we now know that couch co-op will be coming to the game in the future.

Of all the good things the game is currently conjuring up, one aspect that stands out for their absence is the obscured icons on the game’s home menu, sandwiched between ‘Collection’ and ‘Glossary’.

These are clearly two elements of the overall game that are missing, but Game Director Tony Huynh has provided an update on their status.

MultiVersus shop and guilds on the go

Popular YouTuber and streamer AngryJoe tweeted to Huynh to find out more about the content and when it will arrive: “Hey Tony, the game has been out for a while in season 1, when is the store and that other gray thing actually opens ?”

“Hello, the team is working on getting Guilds and the Store but it will be out for a bit. Our main focus is still core systems, stability and bug fixes. Next week’s patch will be one of our biggest yet are, which adds a lot of cool things. We are getting closer every day,” Huynh said.

So not only is there an official store on the way to MultiVersus, where players will likely have new ways to spend Gleamium and Gold, but guilds are also coming.

It’s interesting to note that the Guild rumor has turned out to be true, meaning we already have an idea of ​​what to expect from the feature in the form of new daily and weekly challenges to hopefully earn more rewards.

With reports that the game could eventually have over 200 fighters, including the legendary meme Big Chungus, now is an incredibly exciting time to be a MultiVersus fan.

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