MultiVersus director confirms plan to add more “simple” characters

published: 2022-09-28T17:52:14

Updated: 2022-09-28T17:52:32

The MultiVersus Game Director has teased the studio’s plan to introduce more “simple” characters to the fighter’s growing roster.

Like most fighting games, MultiVersus’ launch roster featured a wide variety of character types for players to sink their teeth into.

Fighters like Taz and Shaggy were equipped with easy-to-learn movesets for users of all skill levels. Meanwhile, Arya Stark and Tom and Jerry are among the hardest characters to master.

MultiVersus players argue that recent additions – Gizmo and Rick Sanchez, for example – have focused a little too much on the complex battle route.

MultiVersus lead teases more “simple” characters

After acknowledging the growing list of ‘complex characters’, Game Director Tony Huynha recently tweeted that the MultiVersus team should “probably make some more straightforward characters.”

TheCarina posted a screenshot of the tweet on Reddit. Many players have already flocked to it, expressing their hopes that simpler characters will join in sooner or later.

Huynh’s admission of the problem is a relief to users like Terramoin, who said they feared developers thought “hard equals fun.”

Redditor hermanphi argued that not all characters need “high-ceiling skills”. This particular fan would prefer MultiVersus to play host to extra straightforward characters who came across as “easy to understand.”

Another user took it a step further, claiming that the best characters in most fighting games tend to feel like the most straightforward of the bunch.

Tony Huynh’s comments at the very least suggest that the Player First Games crew plans to mix things up in this regard for future content releases. How exactly this will manifest itself at this point, however, remains unknown.

Black Adam and Gremlins’ Stripe should count on the following fighters to join the MultiVersus roster given their Season 1 release window. The jury is out on where they will sit in the easy versus hard line in the sand.

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