MultiVersus mods return after ban – but there’s a catch

Despite an apparent ban on modding in Warner Bros. MultiVersus, it seems that the process is still quite possible to run.

The wave MultiVersus is now experiencing is undoubtedly sky-high and this was recently confirmed by the report that Warner Bros. platform fighter. was the highest-grossing game in July 2022, dethroning Elden Ring’s dominance.

With the launch of Season 1, the game is officially underway and the content train is fully booked with Rick and Morty still to come, and Black Adam and Stripe have also confirmed for some point in the future.

Fans are constantly coming up with custom art and speculative recommendations for more characters, and modders have brought some to life – even Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul character Gus Fring.

It recently appeared that Warner Bros. had decided it was enough when it came to mods and banned them altogether, but new evidence suggests this isn’t quite the case.

Mods are back in MultiVersus

According to Twitter user EyeOn Computingmods are still perfectly usable in MultiVersus and just require an “easy fix” to get around the ban.

By adjusting the game’s startup settings, users can re-modify MultiVersus and add their own touches to the game, as well as any characters they see fit.

If you try to use the game normally without making any changes, the title just won’t boot if you have any kind of mods installed.

Mods can be a controversial topic with certain developers and companies and this has proven to be the case with Warner Bros. and MultiVersus.

Game director Tony Huynh, who has been very chatty with the gaming community, has said that the reason some Twitch steamers were banned was because they played the game with mods active in the game.

We’ll have to see if Warner Bros. take further action against these new mod methods and how they might affect the game.

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