MultiVersus players are demanding changes to Battle Pass: "The worst I’ve seen"

MultiVersus is taking the fighting game scene by storm, but players have done well with the Battle Pass, which they say left a lot to be desired.

Warner Bros’ new crossover fighting game MultiVersus has taken over Twitch as the latest and most exciting Smash Bros variant released in quite some time.

While players enjoy the gameplay, fans have shared concerns about monetization of the game, and now the game’s Battle Pass has come under a lot of criticism from the title’s growing community.

multivs founder packs price
WB games

WB Games has announced three different Founder’s Packs for the upcoming fighter.

MultiVersus players knock down the game’s Battle Pass system

While the fighting game hasn’t officially launched yet, the beta has allowed countless players to play the game early and even drag it through the Battle Pass.

Reddit user Ready-Ask-5569 took to the game’s subreddit to share how broken they think the Battle Pass is in its current form. They claimed that the Battle Pass “repeats Halo Infinite’s worst flaw, a flaw that has been universally criticized.”

They specifically explained what breaks the pass so much: “You can only improve your Season Pass progress through challenges. There is no Season XP tied to achievements at all. Fortnite has set up a perfect Season Pass format and is thriving, but no other developer seems to have it.” a hint of it. The recipe is right in front of them.”

The battle pass repeats Halo Infinite’s worst mistake, one that was universally criticized by MultiVersusTheGame

While Ready-Ask hopes the MultiVersus developers can make changes to the Battle Pass before its official release, many other players are posting in the comment section.

One user said, “I don’t understand why they needed a complicated system.”

Comment from discussion Eastern-Geologist208’s comment from discussion “The battle pass repeats Halo Infinite’s worst mistake, one that has been universally criticized”.

They continued, “Honestly, this is the worst model I’ve seen. I play a game where it’s a new purchase every season, but at least they give you premium currency in the pass. You just can’t use premium currency to buy the next pass, it’s a wallet purchase.”

MultiVersus players hope that before the developers and Warner Bros Games are released, the Battle Pass system will be much less complicated to navigate and easier to earn rewards before the game is officially released.

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