MultiVersus reaches 20 million player milestone in less than a month

MultiVersus has surpassed 20 million users, reaching this milestone less than a month after the game officially launched in its open beta.

According to the developers of Player First Games, the mega-hit MultiVersus has officially reached 20 million users. The game continues to rise in popularity, with the recent release of the Season 1 update marking a new era for the game.

In an interview with GamesBeat, David Haddad, the president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, about the successful start of the company in 2022 and how MultiVersus will play a major role in the second half of the year.

“We’ve had a fantastic first half of the year, really driven by the results of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. And we’re so excited to make such a great start to the second half with MultiVersus.”

Haddad then added: “For us, MultiVersus is such an important, critical step in that free-to-play, high-definition gaming category that we believe we can really do something meaningful, in this case with a collection of from our IP, and building a game from scratch that is designed for live services and cross-platform, and we are thrilled to see the 20 million fans really respond to it.”

Multi versus 20 million

Warner Bros. Interactive

Part of why gamers love MultiVersus is due to the great selection of popular characters.

And with Player First Games developers committed to supporting their community and taking feedback from users, this game could grow into one of the biggest of the year and has now become a major rival to Nintendo’s long-standing Super Smash Bros series.

However, one of the things that players struggle with is some of the balance issues in the game. Though developers have talked about this issue and said it’s something they’re working on and it just “takes time” to perfect.

The latest patch for the game has laid the foundation for the new character Morty from the popular Rick and Morty series. It has also polished up some existing characters and grained others as part of Player First Games’ ongoing efforts.

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