Mushrooming in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Removing mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley isn’t as easy as just using your magic, so we’ve put together a guide to show you how to get rid of those pesky fungi.

There are two things that stand in your way in Disney Dreamlight Valley: night thorns and mushrooms. Nightthorns can be eliminated from the offset by using magic, but to get rid of mushrooms you need to complete a few more missions and collect some material.

With a little friendship, a touch of magic, and quite a bit of collecting, you can clear up more of Dreamlight Valley, making it more beautiful and accessible. Here’s how to remove mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft

Water these pesky mushrooms with the right spell.

Complete the ‘A New Enchantment’ quest with Merlin

This quest is the second friendship quest you get with Merlin and usually takes place relatively early in the game.

He’ll tell you about a temporary spell he can put on your watering can to get rid of the fungi, but he’ll need a few resources before he can perform it. He will ask for ten Dream Shards. As soon as you give him this, he will need it four dandelions, four white daisies, six apples, and six bananas.

After this is collected, he will temporarily enchant your Watering Can so that you can remove the mushrooms at the entrance to the Glade of Trust. After that it becomes invalid.

Complete the “A Dark Experiment” quest with Merlin

You can’t enchant your watering can again until you reach level eight friendship with Merlin. This unlocks the quest for ‘Dark Experiement’ and can permanently enchant your watering can.

Merlin will ask you to collect 20 mushrooms, five emeralds and three purifying night shards. Then he will permanently upgrade your Watering Can.

Water the mushrooms

After the two missions are completed and you have a permanently enchanted watering can, all you need to do is go to a mushroom and use your watering can on it. This will remove them and allow you to explore the magical land of Disney Dreamlight a little further.

This is how you remove the mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Check out some of these guides as you make friends with Merlin:

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