Mysterious GTA Online bug makes driving through Los Santos a nightmare

Alec Mullins

published: 2022-09-25T16:28:32

Updated: 2022-09-25T16:28:32

GTA Online’s Los Santos can be a dangerous place, but threat level goes to eleven when NPC cars are suddenly magnetized to nearby players.

The streets of Los Santos have always been precarious to navigate, but this new bug makes driving an almost impossible task. There’s no obvious reason a car would jump through traffic to attack a player, but that’s exactly what happened to an unsuspecting driver who was just driving through town.

It didn’t work too badly for this driver, but there’s no doubt that it can ruin the game in certain situations.

GTA Online player shows the dangers of the unpredictable ‘car magnet’ bug

The clip in question started with a standard drive through town, with the player’s Kuruma coming straight onto the curb as they meandered through traffic. Nothing looked unusual, even as they crossed an intersection and turned into the next street, but after a few aggressive maneuvers to get around the lane-blocking traffic, things quickly went sideways.

An oncoming car caused the driver to make some quick adjustments, but before they could fully recover, a random car seems to go magnetic and tries to stick itself to the passenger side of the Kuruma.

One user theorized that this is proof that the NPC drivers are programmed to directly interfere with players from time to time. “This shows how many cars are programmed to get in your way, to the point where some unexpected trajectories just cause the AI ​​to fly out,” they said.

Another player commented that it seems to happen more often during CEO jobs than anywhere else: “Two or three times per mission I have a vehicle run at warp speed and talk across multiple lanes or go through a red light to get me to a stop.” .”

Regardless of the cause or how often it happens, this bug has the potential to end all a person’s fun in the blink of an eye. While the driver in this clip handled it deftly, it’s easy to see how it can cause major problems for someone with less skill behind the wheel.

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