NAND Flash limits transfer speeds of PCIe Gen 5.0 consumer SSDs to 10 GB/s

Phison E26 controller-based SSDs that use the PCIe Gen 5.0 standard have been introduced in recent months. Because the controller can usually reach speeds of up to 13 GB/s, some of these SSDs don’t reach that speed and are limited to about 10 GB/s. This is because no 3D NAND chip is fast enough to saturate the controller’s capabilities.

The bad news for users is that some PCIe 5.0 SSDs will be limited to 10 GB/s, which is on the lower end of expectations. This will certainly be a bottleneck as a higher speed was required.

Phison’s new PS5026-E26 controller has eight NAND channels that help vary data transfer rates, but requires a 3D NAND memory with a 2400 MT/s interface. It is also necessary to populate the newer PCIe 5.0 x 4 interface as this is critical to push 3D NAND memory with the interface required to push PCIe 5.0 x 4 interfaces by sending 15.754 Gbps of data to and from .

Since the standard for consumer SSDs is eight NAND channels, no one can suspect that they are not essential for common lower-level devices.

Via Tom’s Hardware

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