NBA 2K22 Players Furious Over Shoemaker’s Time-wasting Bug

NBA 2K22 players are outraged after a bug with the game’s creator caused some to lose nearly an hour of progress.

NBA 2K22 harbors a host of strange bugs and glitches: some groundbreaking and some just plain stupid.

Unfortunately, players recently encountered another bug that ended up wasting a lot of time from the fans.

The bug has to do with NBA 2K22’s in-game shoemaker, which strangely takes players out of the game because they’ve been inactive for too long.

NBA 2K22 shoemaker bug that wastes fans’ time

player slam dunking in nba 2k22


While not an integral part of the game, many fans enjoy creating custom shoes in NBA 2K22.

The bug comes from a post on the NBA 2K22 subreddit where a fan shared a video of the issue in action.

The clip shoe is a fairly common part of the game where a player tries to name their custom shoe.

After finding a name that is available for use and confirming the final design, the final cutscene begins to complete the process.

However, the cutscene is abruptly cut short by a message that reads “You’ve been inactive for too long”, which takes them all the way back to the main menu.

According to other 2K players in the comments, this isn’t an isolated incident either.

“One of the most annoying things to deal with when this happens to you the first time,” says user LEDBreezey.

Another fan questioned the thinking behind the decision to kick inactive players into this customization menu, which many players said was an odd decision.

“I don’t know why they allow so much customization with the shoes and then kick you out for spending time customizing your shoes. It makes no sense,” says SCtheWizard.

They thanked the original poster for highlighting this annoying issue, saying, “The game should know when you’re adjusting shoes and that should prevent you from being idle.”

Developer 2K has fixed many issues with NBA 2K22 in the past, so hopefully the team will take note of this frustrating issue and eventually come up with a fix.

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