NBA 2K23 retail prices flared as in-game item costs more than real thing

David Purcell

published: 2022-09-23T19:18:19

Updated: 2022-09-23T19:18:38

NBA 2K23 retail prices would always be a topic of discussion in the community, but one discovery in particular has put players off.

The latest installment in the basketball video game franchise was released on September 8, mostly to critical acclaim.

However, there have been concerns out of court – namely in the form of microtransactions. Like last year’s title, 2K23 includes a virtual currency called VC that fans can use to buy cosmetics and other items.

Two weeks after launch, players have seen one item in particular, which is actually cheaper to buy in person.

NBA 2K23 retail prices leave players baffled

On September 22, a Reddit user named JimiForReal said, “Just a reminder that a 2k Durag costs more than a real Durag…”

A durag is a close-fitting cloth that is tied around the head to protect your hair, for those who don’t know.

The post compares the 15,000 price tag in NBA 2K23 and a $4.49 listing on Amazon. If you bought three packs of 5,000 VC, that would cost $1.99 per pack, bringing the total to $5.97.

Correct. It’s more expensive to buy the virtual version, but the difference that many struggle with is that the real thing lasts a long time and can be worn for a while, whereas once the new NBA game comes out, they won’t go back to it. to go .

Noting that servers for the game are shutting down after the next releases, one user said, “2k only rents you out the virtual fun. Another reminder: they take it away in two years after you buy it.

Another added: “You should be able to resell clothes in 2k for at least half the price.”

At the moment there are no options for reselling cosmetics in NBA 2K23 and while that is an interesting concept, it remains to be seen if the developers would ever go that route.

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