Neeko’s highly anticipated League of Legends rework delayed as Riot completes the changes

published: 2022-10-13T03:56:41

Updated: 2022-10-13T03:57:02

Neeko is next in line for a League of Legends rework⁠—one of the patented mid-scope updates⁠—but the Curious Chameleon is still under scrutiny. The release has been slightly delayed as Riot finalizes changes to the strong tomato for season 13.

Riot is releasing the mid-scope updates in League of Legends alongside new championship releases, reinvigorating the game’s roster. As Season 12 draws to a close, Riot tries to squeeze in a few more with Syndra, who is now live, and Neeko.

The latter hasn’t quite found a place in the League of Legends meta. While Neeko has fled in and out as a mid-lane mage and prop, her rogue clones don’t quite live up to their intent, and the rest of her gear falls flat between a mix of hard-to-use utilities and damage styles.

Shan Hai rolls Neeko in TFT FatesRiot Games

Neeko is the only unit to be buffed in TFT patch 11.4 . so far

She still has a committed player base with a play rate of around 2.7% coupled with a 51% win rate, but there isn’t much engagement outside of those diehard mainstreams. This was something Riot emphasized when announcing the Neeko mid-scope update.

“We want to refresh champions who don’t live up to the expectations of the players who love them,” explained developer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles in August. “We try to amplify their imagination even more, instead of reinventing it.

“We saw really great response to these projects and healthy spikes in playback speed after their release. We want to continue to pursue mid-scope updates, and we already have a few champions we’re investigating, including Neeko.”

While players can’t wait for the Neeko rework to appear, it’s still a long way to go. Developer ‘Phlox’ told players on October 11 The Curious Chameleon’s mid-scope update is “out for a while, because the strongest tomatoes ripen the longest.”

About what players can expect, Phlox kept it pretty vague:[We want to] make Neeko as Neeko as possible and even more fun for Neeko fans.”

Maintaining Neeko’s flexibility in various roles⁠—as top laner, mid laner, and supporter- is a high priority. This is in addition to Riot who originally designed Neeko as a botlane mage. But that’s about all players know about the upcoming mid-scope update.

With League of Legends patch 12.20 hitting PBE without any mention of the Curious Chameleon, and the launch of League of Legends season 13 just around the corner, Neeko’s update will squeeze somewhere in that mix. It’s just a matter of waiting and seeing when.

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