Netflix Bans Password Sharing With New Features

Streaming giant Netflix recently introduced two features to prevent password sharing between people who do not live in the same household.

Product Innovation director Chengyi Long said the new mechanism clarifies how and when Netflix can be shared. ‘Add an additional member’ allows users to add sub-accounts for those who do not live with them and is available in Premium and Standard tiers. Additional members pay an additional fee on top of the main subscription.

The ‘Add an Extra Member’ mechanism is being introduced in Peru, Costa Rica and Chile, with costs of 7.9 PEN, $2.99 ​​and 2,380 CLP respectively.

‘Transfer profile to a new account’ is the second feature and allows users to transfer a member’s profile to a new subscription or the Additional Members group. Details such as recommendations, viewing history and lists are also carried over.

Netflix says testing will be done in the above three countries before it can be rolled out globally.

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